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Good Core Ab Exercises for Beginners


For people who may not be physically strong enough to handle 50 crunches at one go, there are ways to strengthen their abdominal muscles and get in shape fast. Having a strong middle section is not the same thing as working out to get six-pack abs. Your core strength is what is going to help you maintain the perfect posture and body balance; so regardless of whether you are getting back to workouts after a break or if you are starting out on an exercise regimen for the first time in your life, there are many workouts which can help you get a strong core and increase your balance and stability. Below is a list of 6 easy to do ab exercises which can give you a strong core:

  1. Standing Bicycle Crunch: This abdominal workout focuses on strengthening your rotational muscles and obliques. You can stand with your feet at hip-width distance with hands behind your head to do this exercise. You have to then lift the right leg, lowering the left elbow and raising the right knee at the same time. The same action must be repeated for the other side.
  2. Bird Dog Crunch: This workout is designed to target your hamstrings, shoulders, glutes and abs. to develop strong abs, you must develop your core muscle strength first. You can begin by placing yourself on the floor on all fours with the hands directly below the shoulders and the hips in the same line with your knees. You have to raise your right hand, extending it straight in front of you just at the level of your shoulders. Your left leg has to be lifted straight back as you extend the right arm. In other words, the entire body must be in one line right from your left toes to the right arm fingertips. Then you must bring the left leg inside to touch your right elbow and repeat this whole action for the other side.
  3. Sit-Ups: The sit-ups are meant to focus on strengthening the abs and hip-flexors. So, it is important to do this exercise carefully; else, you can actually hurt yourself and experience a lot of pain. You must sit on the ground with bent knees and your heel touching the ground. With hands on either side of the head and without straining the neck, you need to lie back till you can feel your back on the ground flat. You must then attempt to rise up from this posture and continue doing this for a minute.
  4. Seated Leg Lifts: These mainly target the hamstrings and abs because here you are expected to sit straight and extend the legs straight ahead of you; then you must recline only slightly to bring your hands on either side of the glutes as you hold your core tight. Taking a deep breath you must then raise a leg about 6 inches off the floor and hold this posture for about 5 seconds. The whole process is to be repeated using the other leg.
  5. Modified Bicycle Crunch: This crunch targets the rotational muscles and obliques. You have to start from the same position as in a sit-up with bent knees and heels on the floor flat. Your hands should be placed on both sides of your head and then you must try to bring the left knee to the right elbow, twisting your body slightly and vice versa.
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