Best 5 outdoor AB Exercises


Working outdoors is not only more fun but it is also necessary to breathe in the fresh air as you sweat it out. When it is very cold outside, you may be forced to work out indoors in the gym or at home; but as the weather becomes warmer, it may be a good idea to step outside to enjoy your workouts even more. When you are working out in the park or on the beach, you can use your own body weight and gravity as resistance; this is perhaps even more effective than working out with weights inside a gym. Not only will you get an opportunity to burn the extra calories, you will also be able to work out specific muscles that may not have been worked out with the fancy gym equipments. You can try out these 5 following ab workouts outdoors to boot your overall strength and build awesome abs.

  1. Modified Planks: You can change the regular planks to make them more dynamic; so, you can start with a plank position and place your arms on the ground. You can then crawl into a push up position from here and once again lower yourself into the plank.
  2. Alternate Side Planks: When you can alternate your side planks into a dynamic exercise, you can build rotational power and strengthen the deep core muscles. You have to lie on the side and put your forearm above the ground in a way so that it is at right angles to the body. The body needs to be held straight and with the glutes squeezed and shoulders held back, you have to twist the body towards the surface switching the arms and then hold a side plan on the other side.
  3. Bear Crawl: This is a great outdoor ab workout to get strong and well-sculpted abdominal muscles and complete body stability and balance. It engages multiple muscle groups and therefore contributes to fat loss and accelerates metabolism. To do this exercise, you must be on your fours with the hands beneath your shoulders and the knees held only an inch above the ground just beneath your hips. You must then crawl forward using your right arm with the left leg simultaneously and alternate this movement. Your head has to be held up while the hips must be low. You can challenge yourself further by trying to crawl backwards and laterally.
  4. Spiderman Pushups: This variation in your regular pushups will help to make your abs even stronger. You must lower yourself into a push up position, pulling any one knee out to the sides and then trying to touch the elbow on that side. You must try to get as near the ground as possible and then push yourself up as you bring this leg back to the original posture. This action needs to be repeated on the other side.
  5. Dragon Flags: This workout for the outdoors has been popularized by none other than Bruce Lee; it is considered to be a rather brutal outdoor ab workout which can engage your whole body. You have to lie on a bench for this and reach behind your head to grab the bench as tightly as possible. You must push the hips, legs and your torso straight above and hold them in a straight line; while lowering yourself you need to maintain a straight line from the shoulders to your feet. You have to try to go as low as possible without the body touching this bench and then lifting it up again.
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